Coleman® Featured Tents & Shelters

Adventure Tents

Constructed for today's adventurer! These tents perfect the balance between weight and performance, for when every gram counts.

BlackOut Bedroom™ Tents

These tents block up to 99% of daylight from entering the sleeping area, helping you get a longer and more restful sleep whatever time of day.

Polygon Tents

Distinctively shaped and provides a full 360 view of your surroundings.

Fastpitch™ Shelters

Quick and easy to pitch shelters with 99.9% UV protection, temperature reduction and height adjustment.

Coleman® Tents and Outdoor Equipment

For over 120 years, Coleman® tents, lanterns and outdoor equipment have given adventurers a reason to go outside and explore. Through years of innovation, we have developed a large range of tents, from compact 2 man tents to large sized family camping tents using innovative technologies and features to keep you dry, cool and ready to take on adventure after a good night of sleep. Explore our range of gazebos and event shelters that are easy to set up for large gatherings. Trust Coleman® tents and outdoor equipment when you feel the urge to get outside and explore.